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The Mission

My mission is to see the lost saved. Women healed and set free and to encourage them in their walk with Christ, through preaching and teaching the Word of God.

To exhort them in spiritual growth and a mindset of mature living. To help God’s people to grow up in Christ and walk in integrity, to develop them for ministry in the different areas of the body.

To help them live victoriously through the applied Word of God.

Having an assurance that the truth in every area of your life will make you free.

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It's such a blessing you want to know more about Helping Hands Ministry NJ and myself! I pray that through this page you'll understand our heart beat for ministering the Word of God to women and my desire for more of Him in our lives! 

-Pastor Brenda

How it Started

In 1989, Pastor Brenda and the Late Rev. Douglas Byrd opened their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ and immediately developed a strong desire for the Word and ministry. They studied with The Christian Church of North America while serving as assistants to the Pastor as Preachers and Teachers, The Evangelism Community Outreach, the Youth Ministry as well as the Music and Helps Ministries at Bethel Assembly Church in Nutley, NJ.

Pastor Brenda is an ordained Minister since 1998 and became licensed with The AACC (American Association Of Christian Counselors) in 2001. She continued her studies with The Manna Institute and The International Fellowship Of Christian Assemblies. In 2000 they were ordained at the Christian Pentecostal Church and started the Extended Hands Ministries, now known as the Helping Hands Ministry NJ.


Pastor Brenda with late husband Rev. Douglas

How it's Going

Rev. Dr. Brenda Byrd THD;DDIV is the recipient of an honorary Doctorate in Theology, Honorary Doctorate in Divinity. She has received a B.S. Degree in Psychology and Counselor in Mental Health Aid as well as a CCAR recovery Coach.


Pastor Brenda is currently serving as an Assistant Pastor at Christian Pentecostal Church where she has been attending since 2000. She is also a member of the Interfaith Clergy Alliance of Newark under the leadership of Dr. Louise Scott-Roundtree and the founder and leader of the Celebrate Renewal & Recovery Group of Newark at Humanity Baptist Church with Sr. Pastor Robert DeVeaux. 

Helping Hands Ministry NJ is currently a thriving ministry as Pastor Brenda has continued to minister the Word every chance she gets through online devotionals and in person events

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